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11. Kongres Świata Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego Wszystkie firmy

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Logo HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Adres firmy:

An der Autobahn 12, D - 19306 Neustadt-Glewe, DE


tel. +493875766-0, fax +4938757-66-122

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Opis działalności:

The company HENKEL Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik is one of the leading European providers on the field of professional surface treatment of stainless steel. 


The service range of HENKEL covers especially the chemical pickling, electropolishing and passivating of Stainless steel and of various metals and alloys. Further services are derouging and repassivating – in our factory as well as on-site. Also the cleaning of component´s even in clean room is part of the HENKEL portfolio.

The HENKEL services are well demanded especially in the pharmaceutical sector. The chemical refurbishment (derouging) of tube systems is a main part of the service range as well as the electropolishing of single components and tanks. Such treated systems have a reduced habit for coatings as well as an improved corrosion resistance through the reduction of the surface roughness. A higher live time of the components is significant advantage of the electropolishing treatment.

Next to the on-site refurbishment of complete plants, HENKEL verifies and treats single components regarding to their specification in the factory service.

In addition to these services HENKEL provides special process and cleaning.


The diversity of the supplied branches includes often a different orientation regarding to the treatment specification. Among other things the range includes the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical industry,
  • Semi-conductor industry,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Food and beverage industry,
  • Automotive,
  • Medical technique
  • etc.


To follow the own entitlement for optimal quality for its customers by ensuring fundamental environmental standards HENKEL is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

HENKEL Surfaces Assure Your Component´s Value.

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